Wall Clock “Liberty” 20X25 cm


cm 20×25
Thickness: 6 cm
White clay, fashioned, dried and hand-drawn
First firing (Bisque firing) 1050°C
Hand-painted with colours and glassy crystalline glaze
Final glass overlay with lucid crystalline
Second firing (enamel) 950°.

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In addition to the “Tileworks” series, inspired to the Art Nouveau and Art Déco currents, Roberto, with his unmistakeable relief technique, has devised ceramic clocks that enrich any environment they occupy with the art fusion between Nouveau design and our glazed colours. With the “ceramic Cloisonné” technique passed down by Luciano Sr, every creation is entrusted to the expert hands of Luciano Tileworks’ master artisans, who meticulously carry out all the production phases, in our rigorously hand-made fashion. Every clock has the possibility to be endowed in tables as well as being hung on walls.

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Weight 0,3 kg
Dimensions 20 × 16 × 3 cm

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