Talent and passionfrom father to son...

“This is a wonderful story, began a long time ago: the story of a family and of so many peoples united around the noble passion for ceramic.
It’s my father’s story, Luciano Sr., born in Salerno in 1925; a great Italian ceramist that, in the 60’s, after numerous artistic experimentation, taking inspiration from the large historical stained glass in search of his own product, invented an original “relief technique”, the recalls the jewellery “Cloisonné”, but made with a material more fitting to his knowledge: the ceramic…”

Roberto Tastardi

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Transparency Icons

“Many competitors of ours who do not share our history, nor our know-how, rely on machines or other industrial means to incide ceramic relief tiles at premium prices.
Well… we wonder whether anyone still incides by hand at all, an enigma still remains though: should an art piece incided by a machine be valued the same as a hand-drawn one?
I do not believe it!
This is why I have decided to create these icons of transparency. Those are symbols that seek to explain how every art piece of ours is produced, a roadmap for everyone to understand all phases of the “new Cloisonné”, and what lies behind this beautiful technique passed down from father to son for over 60 years.
A hand-drawn incision holds a different taste in comparison to a coldly executed, computer-drawn one. My incisions are more beautiful, richer. They possess a quality unattainable to CNC machines. The burin’s tip I built myself since childhood gently carves the chalk, falters, corrects its course, and deepens its track depending on the pressure applied. It never traces a perfect ninety degrees angle, nor does it trace a perfectly straight line, for they do not exist in nature..!”

Roberto Tastardi.

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