“Affiche De Grasset” Tilework cm 20×30


White clay, fashioned, dried and hand-drawn
First firing (Bisque firing) – 1050 °C
Hand-painted with colours or glassy crystalline overlays (flesh tone matt)
Final glass overlay with lucid crystalline
Second firing (enamel) 950°.

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This “Art Nouveau” ceramic relief tilework finds its inspiration in the poetic ambitions and experience of Modernist compositions. The style finds its roots in the all-round sculpture art style and represents the elegant connection between the ancient and the modern. The idea behind the conception of this art piece comes from the necessity of creating an elegant and refined object of interior décor. The iconic floral women of the modernist tradition are the central theme of a series by “Luciano Tileworks”, in an attempt to depict the sinuous and floral elements of the English and French “Art Nouveau” movement, known in Italy as the “Liberty” style and in Germany as “Jugendstil”. This piece also depicts elements from the “Art Déco” extension of that taste in a geometric fashion which has gained a large following in the United States at the beginning of the 20th century.
Our manufacturing company embraces the ambitions of the “arts and crafts” movement which, juxtaposed to the industrial production chains, promote the artisanal manufacture of interior design art pieces. This is Luciano Tileworks’ mission, that in continuity with the mother company, Creazioni Luciano, still provides the world with unique creations that rely on know-how dating back to 1955.
The designs on these tiles are completely hand-drawn and carved on chalk, with the help of self-made burins, by Roberto Tastardi, before being reproduced on ceramic. Roberto is the only living artist in possession of the traditional manufacturing l technique, passed down to him by his father, the founder of Creazioni Luciano, the late Lamberto Tastardi in art Luciano. His casts engraved with burins that he built for himself possess a warmth and beauty that no cnc machine can ever replicate.
The moulding of white clay into stamps, the refining, the first firing, the expertise and significant experience with which our decorators colour and decorate the tiles one by one, the careful selection between hundreds of colouring formulas, the glazing, and the second firing are all activities that have been repeated and improved for almost 70 years, and that make our company the worldwide leader in relief ceramic “Cloisonné” manufacturing.

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Weight 1,2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 30 × 0,8 cm

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